So I can highly recommend Planet Express :), I feel very lucky to found you guys Unbeatable prices !I immediately closed my myus account. Bought some US-exclusive whiskies and I was really skeptical if the parcel can leave US.

Planet Express の利用料金はいくら!? If a service is not available, the staff will wait one week before telling you and cancelling your request 3. Taxas de serviço e frete são muito baratas.

They intercepted something that someone attempted to scam me and steal from me, and got in contact with me and sent it back. it is great service and look forward to work with them for long time. Use them at your own risk!, I wanted to give a service experience and reliability level after initial experienceFor me, every place that deals with international shipping transfers is measured after initial experienceI came with great optimism because I want to give full confidence and optimism because I chose the best and most reliable place to rely onMy parents educated me that it is imperative to pass on good reviews and say good words only to a place that really acted and proved its good deeds to you and I will be gratefulBut a place that works with unbelievable credibility, and lies and acts of deceit and deceit is not worthy of any words of praise and kind wordsIf you wait 40 days and see results like that it means I chose a place I should not choose!This rating came after seeing total disregard several times and no real answerReliability level of PLANET EXPRESS0After the item arrives, a wireless keyboard arrives at the warehouse address in OregonI asked several times before both PETER M and the other crew members before making the shipment because I would like to pack the shipment into a shipping package and put in the keyboard and then take out the shipment, I paid $ 5 for this action in addition and asked several times that action This is important to me in order to prevent any 100% damage expectedDespite all the return shipping requests came with no outside shipping packaging despite the promises from the PLANET EXPRESS team, the team decided to lie to me and cheat on meAnd send the shipment as it arrivedI paid extra for zero doing!Shipping arrived open, opened shipping package, touched without permission and consent on my personal item, retail packaging of item arrived torn to each sideAnd that is despite all the promises and even the extra cash I needed to pack the shipment into one shipping package into which I requested to place the keyboardDelivery time to Israel 40 days (average)In addition, ARAMEX shipping costs very expensive and exaggerated $ 37 for an item less than 2KGSince the date of 18 \ 2 \ 2020, only 40 days later I received the shipment to the address today and it arrivedAnd another USPS delivery that is delayed and not received if I wait 40 daysTo this day, I have sent hundreds of times emails to the customer service addressAnd none of them received any attention and response and caringPLANET EXPRESS is a body of liars, fraudsters, crooks, fraudsters in your financesI feel deceived, feel that I have experienced gross misuse and fraudulent fraud here, feel that I have fallen into the hands of an untrustworthy organization group and act with no honesty, full transparency, true responsibility, you have lost the trust I have given you in light of the sequence of things and the results I see in my eyesI sent dozens of emails demanding full compensation and reimbursement of all shipping costs and was completely ignoredYou see clearly the disregard for customer money, the disrespect of the public that needs deliveries and their transfer to destination countries, you see the financial exploitation and most of all the lies and deceit that are felt very well in this placeBe careful and don't get any closer to PLANET EXPRESS a very, very unreliable placeAll my attempts to get a full refund are $ 85.34I did not respond and I was completely ignored, Great platform, and the interface is clean and simple.

I am using it and I highly suggested to have a deal with Planet Express :P, Very happy Planet Express! Awesome Service, Super fast turn around and great prices, keep it up !! I save 80% in terms of the postage for CDs and 66% for vinyl. I've used Planet Express for almost 2 years now and recommend them.

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